Technical Requirements

What Is our ASN?

    • Our main ASN is AS132814.

Route Servers

We ask that if you peer with our route servers, that you peer with all route servers in that Metro for latency issues. If we utilize multiple data centers, we will make sure there is a route server in separate locations.  Not only for yourself, but for those who are connecting to you. The number of route servers will usually be at least 1 per Metro.


    • Our Route Server ASN is AS37980
    • RS-BNE: / 2001:df2:f680:300::1 - Online
    • RS-SYD: / 2001:df2:f680:300::2 - Online
    • RS-MEL: / 2001:df2:f680:300::3 - Online
    • RS-PER: / 2001:df2:f680:300::4 - TBA
    • RS-AKL: / 2001:df2:f680:300::5 - TBA

CIX-ASIA: - Yet to come Online

    • Our Route Server ASN is AS37980
    • RS-SIN: / 2001:df2:f680:300::6 - Offline
    • RS-HKG: / 2001:df2:f680:300::7 - Offline
    • RS-TOK: / 2001:df2:f680:300::8 - Offline
    • RS-SEO: / 2001:df2:f680:300::9 - Offline


What are the Connected IX Components?

CIX includes the following components:

      • Internet Exchange Port. Our available speeds are 1, 10, 40 and 100Gbps.
      • We are also able to, at the request of the customer, able to provide a Metro Cross-Connect to connect an Off-Net customer to our IX Fabric. (Additional fees and charges apply)


What are the CIX Product Specifications?

    • Port speeds: 1, 10, 40 and 100Gbps
    • Hand-Off Single-Mode Fiber (1310nm)
    • Hand-Off Multi-Mode Fiber (850nm) - Some Datacenters. Advised on provisioning.
    • 24/7 support
    • Minimum uptime of 99.99%
    • IEEE 802.1Q
    • Dual-stack IPv4 and IPv6 support
    • No Spanning Tree


What are our interface types and speeds?

    • 100G LR on SMOF
    • 40G LR on SMOF
    • 10G LR on SMOF
    • 10G SR on MMOF
    • 1G LX on SMOF


How do you get an IPv4 or IPv6 Address?

Connected IX will provide both the IPv4 and IPv6 addresses as part of our service activation. We maintain the in-addr PTR record customers provide for this IP address.


Does CIX provide private VLAN's for Peering?

Yes, CIX does support private VLANs for specific peering requests or groups that customers may choose to create. Customers need to place a separate order for private VLANs with our sales team.


Who do I contact for more information?

For all sales inquiries contact [email protected]

For all peering inquiries, contact [email protected]

And for all Network inquiries, contact [email protected]