Media Release:
Connected IX Launches in Australia



Media Release
Tuesday 30th March 2020

After a long time, and lots of planning, Connected IX will be officially launching operational services on the 6th of April 2020.

Connected IX is a carrier-neutral peering exchange service initially available in a large amount of data centers in Brisbane and a growing list in Sydney. This list can be found on the Datacenter’s page of our website.

Initially, we noticed that there was a lack of services in Brisbane, then,  after some investigation decided that we didn’t like the way that current IXP’s in Australia were operating. So we decided to do something about this. We designed an IXP that isn’t available in a city by city or even state by state. CIX (pronounced “6”) decided that we wanted an IX that connected whole continents under one giant infrastructure. 

Knowing this, there were some tremendous feats that our team had to overcome, including the issue of moving that amount of traffic not just around the country, but to Tasmania and even New Zealand (both upcoming sites). We had to commission 100Gig backhauls between states to keep up with the traffic with room to expand to 400gbit and beyond if need be. Not only have we strategically placed route servers in order to keep latency down, but we are also in the process of contacting APNIC with the intent of being able to have a Root Server available on the network, along with a cc-TLD server as a service to our customers.

Gone are the days that the main cities only have the infrastructure, we are also investigating the possibility of connecting in rural locations and smaller less known datacenters to bring the smaller and more unique players who have a lot to offer into the game.

 Not only did we want all of that, but CIX also wanted to connect the world, which is a game-changer for an IXP. Our prices are initially higher than the other alternatives, but we don’t see it that way, we see a whole country connected for less than you would pay for a private interconnect around the nation. (VLL is also still available, along with dedicated bandwidth if that is your decision) Details will be released about the Inter-Continental connections later in the year (Late Q2) but we are looking at one price to connect you to another continent which is unheard of at this point in time.


Connected IX invites you to join us on the Exchange in the coming weeks, applications are open currently for those who are interested. During our initial phase, (now until the 6th May 2020, with the first bill on the 1st June) members will incur no costs in order to trial the service, which will allow our membership and our reputation to build.

For any further information or any questions, please contact our peering operations manager at [email protected]


We hope to see you on the IX.

Connected IX – For a Connected World

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